Development Services


With 30+ years of experience in the professional and consumer audio world, Streamsoft has the expertise to bring out the best in audio and content management for your future business needs.  Our skills cover many areas from audio signal processing, cloud based solutions and mobile SDK and applications where performance and quality are required. We know how to make audio sound its best and we’ve perfected our toolkits and plugins to pass that onto you. Our work is used by some of the largest media companies and streaming content services so we are confident in our ability to apply our skills and services to every size job. 

Cloud Services

  • White Label Cloud application development
  • Secure and scalable AWS backbone for high performance content management
  • End-to-end streaming service for private/public facing audiences
  • Private content delivery for studios, archival, venues, and more
  • ISO 27001 certification (currently pursuing)

Mobile SDKs

  • Full streaming media SDK:
    • iOS / Android SDK
    • Optimized for highest quality
    • Low-bandwidth buffering
    • Offline playback
  • Mobile application development
  • Support for multiple formats:
    • PCM, AAC, MP3, MP4, FLAC, and Sony 360 RA*
*With appropriate licenses


  • Noise reduction
  • EQ
  • PCM Dither
  • Sample rate conversion

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