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Artist Connection does more than just share unreleased content. Easily distribute your work with Project QR codes so you can easily share your work in high-resolution.

With the addition of QR codes, any content uploaded to Artist Connection is shared without sacrificing quality. Just like using Artist Connection for audio approval, scanning the QR code will prompt users to open the Artist Connection app, or prompts them to download from the app store, and stream your content in the highest quality, no matter the format. By using these QR codes, Artist Connection allows fo a wider array of listeners to hear and see your work, endlessly expanding your audience. 

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With Project QR codes you can:

  • Print QR codes on cards to easily hand out at events. 
  • Easily control the lifespan of the QR code to expire when you see fit. That way, your project will only be accessible for a certain amount of time
  • Distribute your content to a larger audience with the addition of a shareable mobile URL* along side the QR code. 
  • Using QR codes allows the freedom to let anyone stream your content. Normally, Artist Connection requires an email address to send and receive content in Artist Connection mobile app. But by sharing through QR codes, no email is required until the individual scans the code for the first time.

*URL  is for mobile use only

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