Artist Connection Portal

The Artist Connection web portal is where you will be able to upload unreleased audio for distribution and approval. The content, or Projects, will be available for streaming through the Artist Connection app for mobile. Who can view and stream this content is determined by Users and Groups, that are set by the administrator. Any changes to authorized users and groups can be changed from the Artist Connection portal. 


Artist Connection Web Portal

To begin using Artist Connection, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  1. Add Users.
  2. Create Groups.
  3. Add Artists.
  4. Add Albums and tracks
  5. Finally, compile finished albums into Projects. 

Now that your studio is using Artist Connection, you’re going to want to add all the people who are part of your projects and anybody else you want to share your work with. 

Adding Users

  1. Log into your studio portal
  2. Select Users > Add New Users
  3. Type an email of the user you’d like to add:
    1. Hit Return or click anywhere on the pop-up box to enter the email in
  4. Click Save. An invitation email will be sent to their inbox, and once they verify their information on the mobile app, they will appear as Enabled. 


Once users are added to the studio portal, they are not given automatic access to all studio content. Only content that the user has been invited can be streamed on the mobile app. 


Groups are a vital part of Artist Connection since they are how users are invited to stream content and how messaging and notifications go out to your team. 

Creating Groups

Do all steps from the studio portal: 

  1. Groups > Pink Plus Icon
  2. Give your group a name and a description.
  3. Click Create Group.

4. Once you create the group, a section where users can be added.

5. Group Users > Pink Plus Icon

6. Either type search or scroll for emails in the info box and click each email you’d like to add to the group. Save.

7. Click Update Group.

  1. In the Artist Connection portal, select Artists from the menu.
  2. Click the pink plus button in the top right corner to add a new artist.

3. Fill out all the artist’s information. 

4. Click Create the artist


Creating an Album

  1. Log into your studio portal.
  2. Albums > Add Album
  3. Enter in all the Album’s information.

4. To add an album cover, hover over the default image and click Add Album Image button.

5. Create the album.


Note: You must create the album BEFORE adding tracks.

1. Projects > Pink Plus Icon

2. Add Album

3. Add Group

    • These groups will be who will be notified when this project is posted and will be able to stream or download its content from the mobile app. 

In order to notify groups, you must follow these steps:

  • When selecting groups, select Send mobile notification or Send email notification to user(s).

  • Once albums and groups have been added to the project, scroll to the top of the page and select Send Notifications to Groups on Update.

If both of these options are left unselected, then no notification will be sent. Content will still appear.  

If you’ve made changes to an existing project, group or related content and need to send a new project notification please follow these steps:

  1. Begin by navigating to and making your changes. Don’t forget to save your changes. 

2. Select Projects from the side menu. Click on the project you’d like to resend. 

Follow these steps if you need to add or remove users from subscription groups:

a. On the project you’d like to resend, scroll to the bottom to the Subscriptions section. 

b. Here you can add, remove and resend project notifications by making your changes and saving the new subscription. 

In order to renotify users, you must select at least one of the notification options:

3. In order to resend project notifications to subscriber,  you must check the box pictured below in your Artist Connection portal. If this option remains unselected, users will not be notified of the newly edited show. 

4. Once you have made all necessary edits, click the Update button to save. 

Sharing through QR code or with a shareable link are two easy ways to share content to people who are not going to become permanent end users. Since these two options are ways for users to experience content on the Artist Connection mobile app, both must be scanned or clicked on a mobile device. Clicking on the shareable link while on a desktop will fail to bring up any content. 


If you choose to share content through URL, make sure that it is being viewed on mobile. 

Artist Connection Mobile App

ac_mobile_homepage copy

Upon logging in, you will see all the content that has been shared with you.

ac_mobile_menu copy

Swiping right or clicking the menu icon in the left corner will bring up the menu. If you have received a QR code, this is how you will bring up the scanner to access its content. 

ac_mobile_album copy

Clicking on an album on the homepage will bring you to the album so you can stream or download the content. Icons under the album artwork allow for further interaction with the content. 

See below for more details. 


The download function will save material for offline listening.


The button will display any album/project details that have been entered by the studio administrator. 


The conversation bubble will open up the Artist Connection Messenger which allows feedback to be passed to the studio without leaving the Artist Connection app. 


In order to sign up to Artist Connection, you must be invited from the Artist Connection Portal from a studio or administrator.

Once your information has been submitted in the Artist Connection Portal, then you can proceed with the registration process sent to your email.

1. Verify your email. 

2. You will either be redirected to the Artist Connection mobile application or be prompted to download Artist Connection from the App Store. 

3. Enter in your information into Artist Connection. 

If you have forgotten your password, open up the Artist Connection mobile app and click Forgot Password?. Enter in the email for your account. Follow the instructions in the email sent to the one entered. 

If you can still access your account but would like to change your current password, you can go to settings and update it there. 


You can email those questions to or contact us here.