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for Audio Approval

Current approval processes vary between studios, and each have their own pitfalls, ranging from security and speed, to reliability and compatibility. Artist Connection streamlines the approval process to just a few simple steps that dramatically shorten the time between recording and release.

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Artist Connection is a new tool for studios to rapidly and easily send and receive audio tracks, that are pending approval, in a convenient and secure way. Artist approval can now take place all in one application, from start to finish, instead of having to rely on multiple programs and haphazard coordination to get content approved.

  • Streamline Workflow

    Artist Connection standardizes the way unreleased audio is passed between team members. With the inclusion of real–time messaging, requests, comments and revisions can be handled immediately and interactively.

  • Secure Delivery

    Artist Connection makes sure that your music stays private until you're ready to release it. Content is shared and stored in an encrypted environment and streaming permissions are only accessible in the studio portal.
    *ISO 27001 in progress

  • Built-In Messenger

    With our 2-way messenger, comments and concerns can easily be sent between the mobile app and the browser portal further reducing delays in audio approval.

Artist Connection supports common formats and automatically streams in the correct file format and sample rate: PCM including MQA, ALAC, FLAC, AAC, MP3 and Sony 360 RA


A new type of audio requires new tools. Artist Connection fully supports immersive audio formats so more of this new and exciting music can reach the public. Being able to know, with certainty, that artists are hearing and approving their music correctly will accelerate the public uptake of this class of audio while shrinking the production cycle for producers. Consumers too will always experience their favorite artists in the best possible light.


With the addition of QR codes, any content uploaded to Artist Connection is shared without sacrificing quality. Generate a QR code for your projects in the Artist Connection Portal to easily share your work with a larger audience. 


Upload video content and delivery it to the Artist Connection mobile app, just like you would an album. Add in video in conjunction with audio content or as a stand alone project. Expand and explore your creativity with Artist Connection.

Cut delays with our built-in messenger.

Content approval through Artist Connection is a totally self contained process. Once the recipient finished watching and/or listening, they can simply open up the messenger and send off any feedback straight to the studio. Messages appear on the mobile app and the desktop portal for quick 2-way communication.

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